In this video tutorial we will demonstrate how to add a download to your OpenCart powered website, and then attach the download to a product. This is the perfect way to sell electronic books and other digital goods. This functionality is native to OpenCart and will not require any additional modules.

To get started, you will need:

  1. A file to upload.
  2. A product to attach the download to.

Step 1

Go to Catalog, and then click Downloads.

Step 2

Click on Insert to create a new download.

Step 3.

Fill out the following fields, and then click Save:

Download Name
A name you can use to uniquiely identify this download.
Select a file to upload from your computer.
Total Downloads Allowed
The number of downloads allowed per purchase.

Step 4

Go to Catalog, and then click Products.

Step 5

Edit the product you would like to attach the download to.

Step 6

Go to the Links tab, and then scroll down to Downloads.

Step 7

Start typing the download name, click on it in the auto complete box, and then click Save and Continue.

Step 8

That's it! You have succesfully added a digitally delivered product to your store. Once an order is marked as "Complete", your customer will then be able to access the download from their account. If you have any enquiries then don't hesistate to contact us.