1. Shop Admin
2. Hover over sales > click on Coupons
3. To Create a new coupon, click insert at the top right, or to edit an existing coupon click on edit to the right.
Then enter the required details from the fields below: 

Coupon Name
The name of the coupon. Should breifly describe the use of this coupon.

The code the customer enters to get the discount.

Deterimines if the Discount value below is Percentage or Fixed Amount.


The number amount of the discount.

Total Amount
The total amount that must reached before the coupon is valid.

Customer Login
Customer must be logged in to use the coupon. (yes/no)

Free Shipping
Select if this coupon allows free shipping.

Choose all products under selected category.

Choose specific products the coupon will apply to. Select no products to apply coupon to entire cart.

Date Start
The date from which this coupon is valid.

Date End
The date this coupon expires.

Uses Per Coupon
The maximum number of times the coupon can be used by any customer. Leave blank for unlimited.

Uses Per Customer
The maximum number of times the coupon can be used by a single customer. Leave blank for unlimited.

Select if the coupon is enabled or disabled

4. Click Save at the top right corner.