1. Login to online shop admin

2. Hover over sales > click on "Orders"

Delete an Order

Click on the box next to the order you want to delete
Click Delete

Print an Invoice

Click on the box next to the order you want to print the invoice of
Click Print Invoices
Select File - Print on your browser

Edit an Order Status

Click View next to the order you want to edit

On this page you can view all the details about the order. You will notice on the side that there is "Order Details", "Payment Details" and "Products". All of these tabs will show you details about the order.

To change the Order Status of the order, click on "Order History"
On this tab you can view the history of changes in the order status.

Order Status
In this drop down, select the desired order status.

Notify Customer
Check this box if you wish to send a notification to the customer that the status has been changed.

Place any comments about the change you are making. This is sent to the customer if "Notify Customer" is checked.