The slideshow module allows you to have an image banner with multiple transitions (such as fading in and out) on your website, and can be used across multiple website pages, but commonly appears on your homepage.

If you are looking to add or edit a static (non-moving) image banner, or a product image carousel, please refer to the links below.

Changing Your Slideshow

  1. Login to your admin system
  2. Go to System > Design > Banner

Changing Your Slideshow

  1. Login to your admin system
  2. Go to System > Design > Banner

Edit the ‘Slider’ banner

Select ‘Add banner’ at the bottom right hand corner of the page

Fill in all of the relavant details, a guide can be found below.  
Banner Name

Slide Title
Enter in a title for the slideshow image

Slide Link
If you want the image to go to a specific product or category, put the link of the product or category in the ‘Link’ box.

Image Upload
Select ‘Browse Files’ underneath the grey camera thumbnail to upload a new image for your slideshow or select an image that already exists from your Image Manager.

Please Note: your slideshow image must match the design of your site, most sites require images that are 920px wide by 250 pixels high. Please contact your designer to find out the image size for your shop. If you do not insert an image of this exact size, the shop will not automatically resize it for you, it will upload the image as is and will not be laid out correctly on the page.

Remove Slide
To Remove the slide click remove

Select ‘Save’ at the top right hand corner of the page

Resizing the Image

Images must be the correct size or else they will not display correctly. If you do not have access to photo editing software like PhotoShop, follow the simple steps below using an online image editor Sumo Paint.

Step 1

Go to

Under File, click Open From My Computer and select the image from your computer

Step 2

Under Image, click Image Size

Step 3

Enter the Width of your Slide Show Dimension (do not worry about the Height)

Tick Constrain Proportions

Click OK

Step 4

Under Select, click All

Step 5

Under Edit, click Copy

Step 6

Under File, click New Image

Step 7

Enter the dimensions (both Width and Height) of your Slide Show 

Click OK

Step 8

Under File, click Paste

You now have the correct Slide Show image size

To move the image around, click on the Move Tool (on the left of screen)

By clicking and holding down on the image, you can move the image up and down if need be

Step 9

To save the image, under File, click Save To My Computer

Step 10

IMPORTANT: Select JPG from the Format list

Click Save