Editing the Welcome Text

  1. Login to your admin system

  2. Go to Extensions > Modules

Click Edit to the right of Welcome  

Enter Welcome Message into text area
Note: There are a large number of text editing tools within this area, to assist you to format the text, add images and links

Select ‘Save’ at the top right hand corner of the page

Optional Steps

The position of this box can be altered using other fields on this page.  
This drop down box shows which page this module will appear, by default this will always be home.

This indicates where on the page the module appears, your MyWork Designer will have chosen the most suitable location depending on your design.

If set to disabled, the page information is stored, but the page is not visible online.

Sort Order

This is the order modules are displayed, 0 is the first item display and 9999 is the last.