Adding a Menu Item will make a new tab in the navigation bar at the top of your website.

All Menu Items need to have Page added in order for them to work.
(Unless linking to an external website.)

To learn how to create/edit a page, please view our tutorial here.

Add a New Menu Item


Step 1

Using the details provided to you via email
Login to your shop Admin:

**Remember to replace with your actual website domain.

Click on Menu Bar

Step 2

Click Insert

Step 3

Enter the following information in the relevent feilds:

  •   Name: The name you wish to appear in the Menu.
  •   Parent: The Menu Item you wish this menu item to appear underneath. Leave on TOP if you wish for this item to be in the Menu Bar.
  •   Link Type: The type of page you are linking to. Set as custom to allow manual entering of Link.
  •   Link: The Item you would like this page to link to. For custom input, place the full URL of the page you wish to link to (eg.
  •   Open Link In: If you would like the link to open in the same window or a new window.
  •   Sort Order: The number (in order) you wish the Menu Item to appear
  •   Status: If the link is currently active and visable in the Menu.

Step 4

Click Save

Other Information:

To delete a Menu Item, select the checkbox next to the menu item and click Delete

To edit a Menu Item, click the edit link in the column Action next to the desired item.