Please Note:

OpenCart 1.5 requires options to be created globally, meaning that you need to create the options for all products in one area.

This method avoids repetition of creating the same option (eg. size) and allows greater consistency accross the website.

As options are created globaly, creating options and adding them to products now requires 
two distinct steps.

Add a Option

Add an Option to a Product



Add an Option


Step 1

Using the details provided to you via email
Login to your shop Admin:

**Remember to replace with your actual website domain.

Step 2

In the Catalog drop down menu, click Options

Step 3

To create a new Option, click on Insert

Step 4

On the current page, you will need to enter in the following information:
  • Option Name - eg. Size, Colour, Type, etc
  • Type - eg. Select, Radio, Checkbox, Image

What are the Types?

  • Select - A drop down box with different Option
  • Radio - A selectable circle that cannot be unselected, only changed to another option
  • Checkbox - A tick box that allows more than one option to be selected and can be deselected
  • Image - A radio option that allow you to add an small thumbnail next to the option. This can be done by clicking on the greyscale Camera image

Step 5

To add different Values to your Option, click "Add Option Value"

Then fill out the "Option Value Name"

If you selected image, add a photo by clicking on the grey camera image

Add a number for the sort order, the order in which you wish these options to appear

Then repeat for each option Value you require

Step 6

Once you have added all your Values, click Save at the top right of the screen

Add an Option to the Product page


Step 1

In the Catalog drop down menu, click Products

Step 3

On the Products page, click Edit next to the product you wish to add options to.

Step 4

Click on the Option tab

Step 5

Click inside the text box on the left column

Type in the name of the option and click on the option when it appears below the text box

Step 6 (optional)

If this group of options is required and must be selected to buy the product. Change the required status to: Yes

Step 7

Click Add Option Value to add one of the Values created for this Option

Then fill in the relevant information for each field:

  • Option Value
  • Quantity
  • Subtract Stock (buying a product will subtract from quantity)
  • Price (This is not the full price of the product, but more how much it addes or subtracts from the price)
  • Weight (For calculated shipping purposes)

Repeat this process for each Value

Step 8

Once you have finished adding in each Value, click Save at the top right of the screen