Step 1

Using the details provided to you via email
Login to your shop Admin:

**Remember to replace with your actual website domain.

Step 2

In the Catalog drop down menu, click Products

Add a New Product - Click Insert in the top right corner
Edit a Current Product - Click Edit next to the Product name
Delete a Current Product - Tick the box next to the Product name and click Delete

Step 3

You will now see seven tabs:

  •   General
  •   Data
  •   Links
  •   Option
  •   Discount
  •   Special
  •   Image


Enter the Product Name and Description

Meta Tag Keywords and Meta Tag Description are optional and are used by search engines to describe the content of your web site. Learn more about Meta Data here

Product Tags help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and are descriptive words separated by a comma. They are also used as search terms within your Online Shop

NOTE: When adding the product description, if you copy text from a program like Microsoft Word you may also copy the formatting (font type, colour, size etc). To avoid this, either type the description into the box, or first paste the description into NotePad (found on your computer), re-copy the plain text and paste it into the description box


Data is where you enter the product main image, price, weight, quantity in stock and more

All fields are optional

Model - Enter the product model number
Status - Select Enable to make the product visible on your website
Price (ex-GST) - Price ex-GST
Price (with GST) - Price inc-GST
Tax Class - Select if the product will have GST or not
Quantity - The number in stock
Minimum Quantity - Force a minimum ordered amount
Subtract Stock - Select if the system will automatically subtract stock
Out Of Stock Status - Status shown when a product is out of stock
Requires Shipping - Select if the product will be shipped or not
SKU - Enter the product code
Misc Location - For internal use, usually where the product is located within your storage facility
SEO Keyword - Creates a SEO friendly URL for the product. For example
Image - Click on the image to add or change it
Date Available - When the product will be available if Out Of Stock
Sort Order - Determines what order the products are displayed in within the category
Dimensions (L x W x H) - Enter the dimensions of the product
Length Class - Select the type of length class
Weight - Enter the weight of the product NOTE: This is very important if you are using a weight based shipping method
Weight Class - Select the type of weight class


Link the product to a manufacturer, category and/or related products

All fields are optional

Manufacturer - Select a manufacturer. Learn how to add manufacturers here
Categories - Select a category or multiple categories. Learn how to add categories here
Attributes - Select a global option. Learn how to add global options here
Stores - Leave this as is
Downloads - Select a download. Learn how to add downloads here
Related Products - Select individual product/s and click to move them accross


Options is where you add attributes such as size or colour

View our detailed tutorial


Discounts can be applied to Customer Groups. Learn more about Customer Groups here

Click Add Discount and enter the discount for the Product


Special prices change the value of the main price to the new special price. You can set the start date and end date of the special price

Click Add Special and enter the special for the Product

Learn more about Specials here


You can add additional images of the Product here. These images will appear in the image products tab when viewing the product information

Click Add Image and click on "Browse Server" link below the grey camera

Click Upload and select the image from your computer

Double click on the image to insert


IMPORTANT: Once you have finished adding the new Product, click Save