Users is for creating new login details for other users of your Online Shop administration system. You can also define what type of access the User is allowed via the User Group option.

To learn about restricting access to certain parts of your administration system, view our User Group tutorial.

Step 1

Using your login details, logon to the CMS at
Click SHOP
Using the same login details, logon to your Online Shop 

Step 2

In the System drop down menu, from Users click Users

Step 3

To add a new User, click Insert

To edit a current User, click Edit next to the user

To delete a current User, tick the box next to the Username and click Delete


Step 4

Enter the following information:

  •   Username - The username for logging in    
  •   First Name - The person's first name   
  •   Last Name - The person's last name   
  •   E-Mail - The person's email   
  •   User Group - Select the type of User Group (For more information, view our User Group tutorial)   
  •   Password - The password for logging in    
  •   Confirm - Enter the password again    
  •   Status - Enable or disable the User

Click Save