Customers have the option to leave reviews of products in your Online Shop.

A positive review can be a great selling point. However, if a customer leaves a negative review, you can edit or delete it from your Online Shop. 

Reviews do not appear online until they have been enabled (approved). 
You can also add your own reviews if you wish.

Step 1

Using your login details, logon to the CMS at
Click SHOP
Using the same login details, logon to your Online Shop

Step 2

In the Catalog drop down menu, click Reviews

Step 3

Reviews will automatically have a staus of Disabled. This means the review is not displayed online and cannot be seen by customers

To enable a review, click Edit to the right of the review

At the bottom of the review, select Enabled from the drop down option

You can also edit the review if need be

Click Save in the top right corner

To delete a review, simply click in the box next to the review and click Delete in the top right corner