Options are extra available attributes for customers to choose, such as sizing or colour preferences. These preferences will be displayed in their final order, making it easy for you to distribute the right product to the customer.

You can also charge extra for these additional preferences if you wish.

There are five type of Options you can use:

  1. Select field - Drop down list
  2. Radio options - Round buttons (like tick boxes)
  3. Text input/field - A box to enter small amounts of text
  4. File upload - Customer can upload a file
  5. Text area - A box to enter large amounts of text


Step 1

Using your login details, logon to the CMS at cms.mywork.com.au
Click Shop
Using the same login details, logon to your Online Shop

Step 2

In the Catalog drop down menu, click Products

Click on the Options tab

Step 3

Enter the following details:

Options - This is the option name, such as "Size" or "Colour"
Option Type - Select the type of option (see list above for details)
Sort Order - If using multiple options, enter the sort order number

Click Add Option

Step 4

Enter the following details:

Option Value - The Option Value name, such as "Small"
Quantity - How many you have in stock (optional)
Subtract Stock - Select if you want to automatically subtract stock as items are purchased (optional)
Price - Enter price if you are charging or subtracting a dollar amount for the item (optional)
Prefix - Select + for charging extra or - for subtracting (optional)
Sort Order - If using multiple options, enter the sort order number

How it works

With the product options, if your options have price differences you need to add a base product price (the lowest price is always the best to start with) to the price field in the Data tab first.  The attribute prices are the difference between the base price and the attribute price.

For example, if a base products price is $10, that will be the first attribute and the price difference will be $0 because that is the base option.  Say if the next option is $15 total, then there will be a $5 difference and so you’ll need to add $5 into the option price field and set the prefix to plus (+) because it is adding the $5 difference to the base price. It is the same when using the negative prefix.  If the base product price is $20 and there is an option that offers a cheaper version of the base product then instead of adding the difference, you will need to set the prefix to minus (-) if there is a price difference.

To add another Option Value, click Add Option Value

Step 5

To add more options, click Add Option and repeat the above steps

All your different Options will appear on the right as tabs

Simply click on a tab to edit the Options again

Click Save