MyWork provides email accounts with an allocated quota for mailbox storage. This mailbox is where all messages for an email account are held on our mail server. If there is no room to receive new mail, the server rejects the request to transfer a message from the sender to your account (you will still be able to send with a full mailbox). If your quota has been filled, anyone attempting to send new email to this account may receive a bounce back notification informing the sender your mailbox does not have room to receive mail. This is usually due to the email size exceeding that of space left in your mailbox

Step 1

Login directly to your particular email account by visiting or If you are unsure which mail server your emails are located, please give us a call on 1300 809 424 or Create a support ticket so as we can be in touch with your details.

NOTE: A secure communication protocol (https://) is required in order to properly access this page. If you fail to connect; ensure your browser has not removed this from the address.

Step 2

Using your email address and password, you have been able to log in. You will be asked to choose a platform in order to view the contents of your mail server. For this tutorial, I am using RoundCube.

Step 3

Once you have selected your webmail interface, you will see a familiar interface for a mail client.

Under the size column highlighted in red, we can click this area in order to arrange our mail from smallest to largest and vice versa. For the purpose of freeing up mailbox quota, we will want to organise our emails from largest to smallest. 

Step 4

Now that your emails are arranged from largest to smallest, you will see which emails are taking up the most storage in the mailbox. Download the attached contents of these emails, save them locally to your computer and remove them the mail server so as we can make room for you mailbox to receive new mail.

If you would like to purchase extra storage for your email account(s) please give us a call on 1300 809 424 and we can provide costing info as well as an invoice for this extra space.