Step 1

    Open Outlook 365, click File. 

    If you are setting emails up on a new computer go to step 3.

Step 2

    Click Add Account

Step 3

    A new window would have now appeared. Enter your email address, and click Advanced Options, and tick "Let me set up my account manually".

    Click Connect.

Step 4

    Select IMAP

Step 5

  1. Change the red boxes to the server name you received from our team ( or

  2. The Port numbers will be the same as the below picture; if not, change them to look like the below.

You should have received an email from MyWork when creating this account; informing you of your email address, password and mail server credentials.

If you do not have this information, please create a ticket via the MyWork Helpdesk

Step 6

    Put in the Password.

Step 7

    All set up


    If your account fails to connect, double check your server information for any typos and try re-entering your password. If you are still experiencing issues, please Download our TeamViewer QuickSupport Tool and call MyWork Support on 1300         809 424 for remote assistance.

    Finish the account set up and press F9 to start synchronizing emails on your account to your new Outlook account!